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I almost cried when my manger told me I could defer rent for this month. I always pay on time, and am laid off because of the virus. They told me about EasyPay and how I can pay it over the next 6 months. Thank you DepositCloud, saved my life! Mary S. (Seattle, WA)
Can't believe all the crazy stuff going on, but man am I thankful for my manager. She gave me the chance to make payments on my rent for this month. Six months and no interest, thank you EasyPay! Brian K. (Los Angeles)
Sweet Jesus, thank you EasyPay! 12 months to pay off my April rent. Needed something positive. Karen S. (Tampa, FL)
All these people complaining about paying rent, and strike to not pay. I love my manager, he gave me this form to fill out and I got approved to pay it over 6 months. Thank you EasyPay! Kevin T. (Raleigh, NC)
This was so stressful, so unsure of paying my rent. But my apartments, they did this easypay thing and I am so thankful. Bless you for helping us out. Robert T. (Alexandria, VA)
I lost job and cant pay. I got this easy pay and I am able to stay. So thanking you all for this. Albert Y. (Jacksonville, FL)
This is good. All the bad things going on, man, I appreciate this. Thank you for being so easy to work with! Dean J. (New York, NY)
It's tough out there, and people are being crazy. Can't work, can't leave, but, so glad my apartment is using this rent deferment thing. I get to fix my credit, that wasn't so good, now I get to fix it and make payments on my past rent. Helped me out. Thanks. Shane A. (Oceanside, CA)
Oh my gosh. I was SO confused on how to get this all setup, because I had like 5 papers I had to fill out with my apartment. I called and talked to Kasie, she was SO awesome. She got me all taken care of and I even set up a repeat payment. Thank you Kasie!! Cole D. (Broomfield, CO)
Life is nuts, but, y'all are saving my life with this repayment plan. Thanks for saving my bacon! David C. (Round Rock, TX)
You alright easy pay, thanx fo helping me get this rent thing done. I don't know what I was goin due after I got laid off. Eboni W. (San Antonio, TX)
We've been trying and trying to stay up on our rent, but we just can't. Unemployment still aint gotten here yet. So thankful for easy pay, our apartments told us about it and it feels really good to have a payment plan and help our credit. Bynandreau P. (Milton, WA)
Thanks for the assist depositcloud! Makes staying at home a little less frustrating! Michel P. (Los Angeles, CA)